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Fun little piece

Here’s a concept done entirely in Unity, except for a bit of color correction in photoshop. It has too much of a videogamey look to be true to Star Wars, but I’m OK with that. This started as an entry in a Polycount contest a couple of years back. I had to leave on a […]

A Look Back: Bank Heist Prototype

So many games wind up in development hell, and it’s not uncommon to work on things that never see the light of day. Many projects are cancelled in public failures that dishearten fans and tank stocks. But many more games are tripped up before they are even announced or experienced by the public at large. […]

Tuxxi recompiled propper against Source SDK Base 2013

Sweet! My workaround for streamlining propper is no longer needed. Now you can download a version of propper that works with the “modern” Source games, and you don’t have to install and switch between two development environments. Get the new recompiled for source sdk 2013 propper here ↙ It does not work with CS:GO directly For […]

Unity Pro Perpetual Licenses to end March 2017

May 2016 Update: Unity did end up announcing a subscription-only model (although it will be possible to buy a version outright as well). My numbers were a little off but Unity did add a middle tier. There is quite an uproar over the inflation of the pro cost and the inclusion of the Unity splash screen in the […]

Source SDK Mapping: Automating the Propper Pipeline with SyncBack

Note: This isn’t a guide to setting up Propper. For that, check out the SourceSDK documentation and TopHatWaffle’s guide. This is a guide on automating your workflow so that you can spend more time iterating on meshes and your map, and not worrying about the locations of dozens of files. A Propper Introduction While getting into […]

de_boardroom 0.1 released on Steam Workshop   Version 0.1 A multi-tiered corporate boardroom in the penthouse atop a century-old skyscraper. Focus on tight quarters, verticality, and non-traditional CS. INTERESTING: *two-bomb DE gameplay at the moment *multiple custom models TODO: *Support more gametypes *Soundscape/audio pass *Bombsite B needs work *Update radar image *Clipping pass *Replace more geometry with custom models, such […]

New CSGO Map De_Boardroom: Major lighting pass, detail work, new building exterior.

I’m super happy to post this update. Here’s what’s happened since I started re-skinning the level exterior, and detailing the interior. FYI still a lot of WIP art, most notably the large hanging sculpture in the center of the main atrium. Created a dozen or so models for the exterior. Really would like more to […]

de_boardroom level design work in progress – new architecture

After a lot of debating and hem-hawing, I’m switching the architectural skin of the building from a generic modern look to an older and move developed Neo Gothic (with a touch of Art Deco) style. The old floor to ceiling windows on most rooms will be gone, and the general feel of the level will […]