New CSGO Map De_Boardroom: Major lighting pass, detail work, new building exterior.

I’m super happy to post this update.

Here’s what’s happened since I started re-skinning the level exterior, and detailing the interior. FYI still a lot of WIP art, most notably the large hanging sculpture in the center of the main atrium.

  • Created a dozen or so models for the exterior. Really would like more to match the architectural look I’m going for. Will need a seperate post to explain those.
  • Pieced the models together into the building exterior, after painstakingly removing the old geometry.
  • Brought in some portal2 assets, placed in level.
  • Major lighting and fx pass.
  • Detailed interior geometry and texturing.
  • A few semi-major flow changes which might get rolled back.
  • Not pictured – radar (minimap) texture is in, in a basic form.
  • Nav mesh work.
  • Fog/sky work. The building is shorter now, so the effect it has on the shadows from other buildings is bothering me, might raise the building back up.