Source SDK Mapping: Automating the Propper Pipeline with SyncBack

Note: This isn’t a guide to setting up Propper. For that, check out the SourceSDK documentation and TopHatWaffle’s guide. This is a guide on automating your workflow so that you can spend more time iterating on meshes and your map, and not worrying about the locations of dozens of files. A Propper Introduction While getting into […]

de_boardroom 0.1 released on Steam Workshop   Version 0.1 A multi-tiered corporate boardroom in the penthouse atop a century-old skyscraper. Focus on tight quarters, verticality, and non-traditional CS. INTERESTING: *two-bomb DE gameplay at the moment *multiple custom models TODO: *Support more gametypes *Soundscape/audio pass *Bombsite B needs work *Update radar image *Clipping pass *Replace more geometry with custom models, such […]

de_boardroom level design work in progress – new architecture

After a lot of debating and hem-hawing, I’m switching the architectural skin of the building from a generic modern look to an older and move developed Neo Gothic (with a touch of Art Deco) style. The old floor to ceiling windows on most rooms will be gone, and the general feel of the level will […]

Visual Hierarchies & Game Development

Triangles of Power Hierarchies are useful. They are meant to help us make decisions based on simple and definable categories. I’m not really interested in hierarchies in an academic sense. I’m more interested in quick, well organized, rememberable “adages”. We can use these to help make better games, business decisions, or solve any number of problems; hierarchies […]