Fun little piece

Star Wars chase in Unity

Star Wars themed chase scene made in unity with some stock assets and lots of retouching in-engine. Miminal color correction done in photoshop at the end.

Here’s a concept done entirely in Unity, except for a bit of color correction in photoshop. It has too much of a videogamey look to be true to Star Wars, but I’m OK with that. This started as an entry in a Polycount contest a couple of years back. I had to leave on a vacation before the deadline, so I scrapped it. I wanted to portray the usual contrasting scale seen in the Star Wars universe, and use the Courtyard Scene in an unexpected way.

The scene is the Courtyard asset from Unity, Star Wars models are free ones found online. I achieved a bit of a greebly effect by using the MegaScatter plugin to propagate primitives on surfaces of the level. These I’d go back and redo if I had time. I’ve tweaked all of the lighting and materials extensively, and created the tie fighter blaster, falcon engine, and star destroyer engine effects from scratch in unity.