de_boardroom 0.1 released on Steam Workshop



Version 0.1

A multi-tiered corporate boardroom in the penthouse atop a century-old skyscraper. Focus on tight quarters, verticality, and non-traditional CS.

*two-bomb DE gameplay at the moment
*multiple custom models

*Support more gametypes
*Soundscape/audio pass
*Bombsite B needs work
*Update radar image
*Clipping pass
*Replace more geometry with custom models, such as the white sculpture hanging in the atrium
*Add place names to navmesh
*Fix zfighting in a few lazy places
*Additional detail pass
*Environmental story telling
*Performance testing and optimization
The exterior of the building has been built out almost completely. I can’t promise that will all stay as it is unecessary to see during gameplay. It will be used in some promo shots and new assets for the level, but ultimately removed since it will improve performance for older pc’s.